CSSA Board of Directors October Meeting

Posted by Yvonne Cartledge on Oct 05 2015 at 08:06AM PDT in Fall 2015

CSSA Board of Directors Meeting
September 28, 2015

Present: Dewey Hom, Commissioner; Paul Knotts, Vice Commissioner; Glenn Peacock, Secretary; Ken Taylor, Treasurer; Warren Butler, American League Director; Ron O’Donnell, Master League Director; Ray DeLuca, Senior League Director; Randy Bergman, Legacy League Director; Bruce Stokes, Interim Lowell Lawson League Director; Jerry Bohacek, Interim Legends League Director; Terry Cartledge, Player Representative
Absent: Peter Fowler, National League Director
Dewey Hom called the meeting to order at 6:31 pm
Secretary Minutes: Read and discussed, voted on unanimously to accept as presented.
Treasurers Report: Beginning balance $18,188.10. Ending balance $20,509.98
Because the monthly meeting is being held before the end of the month, all revenues and expenditures are not up to date. The budget was discussed and voted on unanimously to accept as presented.
Topics discussed:
Dewey Hom lead a moment of silence for Jim Curtis who died on September 27th, 2015. “Jim was a true gentleman and teammate.
• Motion was made to increase sponsors fees for the upcoming 2016 season and. Fees will be increased from $300.00 to $350.00 per year.
• Permission given to Pete Fowler to purchase softballs for the upcoming seasons.
• Bedoes was selected to cater this years banquet, subject to price quote.
• No alcoholic beverages will be sold.
• Program: Design of the banquet program was discussed.
• The Board is looking for sponsors/players to donate items to be auctioned at the banquet. Contact any board member if interested in donating.
Board of Directors elections and other awards
Election for Vice Commissioner, Treasurer and Player Representatives will held within the next two weeks. Voting for the Arnold Fowler Award will also take place on the same ballot.
Voting for the Lowell Lawson Award will be held by the Board of Directors, and team managers at a date and time to be determined.

League Updates:
American League: Two rainouts so far this season. Considering adding a 9:30 game.
Senior League: On schedule.
Master League: Any player ejected, will miss the next game in the league he was ejected from. Written warnings should come from the Board.
Legacy League: Very competitive. Thank you to Ray DeLuca for filling in for Jerry Bohacek in his absence.
Lowell Lawson: Still adding players to equalize teams.
Other Topics: Congratulations to Scott Douglas, an athlete that the CSSA help sponsor for the Special Olympics in Wichita, Kansas. Scott won the Gold medal in the softball competition.

Next meeting October 26, 2015. All are welcome to attend.
Adjourned at 7:55pm
Respectfully submitted by
Glenn H. Peacock


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