October Minutes

Posted by Dewey Hom on Nov 05 2015 at 02:36AM PST in Fall 2015

CSSA Board of Directors MeetingOctober 19, 2015Present: Dewey Hom, Commissioner; Paul Knotts, Vice Commissioner; Glenn Peacock, Secretary;Ken Taylor, Treasurer; Warren Butler, American League Director; Ron O’Donnell, Master League Director; Ray DeLuca, Senior League Director; Randy Bergman, Legacy League Director; Jerry Bohacek, Legends League Director; Terry Cartledge, Player RepresentativeAbsent: Peter Fowler, National League Director; Bruce Stokes, Lowell Lawson League Director;

Paul Knotts called the meeting to order at 6:31 pmPaul Knotts addressed a concern of voting problems. After discussion with Board members and CSSA players no voting irregularities were found.Meeting was suspended so a count of the votes for three Board of Directors positions could be held.

Dewey Hom called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm

Secretary Minutes: Read and discussed, voted on unanimously to accept as presented.

Treasurers Report: Beginning balance $20,507.96. Ending balance $15,702.96The budget was discussed and voted on unanimously to accept as presented.

Topics discussed:Elections results were voted on and submitted to the Board for approval.
Approved unanimously.
Results are as follows: Vice Commissioner: Warren Butler 222, Terry Cartledge 74;
Treasurer: Ken Taylor 215, Tony Roberts 74;
Player Representative: Scott Parrish 212, Brad West 77.

Recipient of the Arnold Fowler Award will be announced at the CSSA Banquet November 14, 2015.

New Board Members will take office at the December Board Meeting.Banquet:

 Anyone who would like to help with the banquet contact Ray DeLuca or any other board member.

 The Board is looking for sponsors/players to donate items to be auctioned at the banquet. Contact any board member if interested in donating.

 Scorekeepers and umpires may attend the banquet as our guest. Any guest that they bring will be charged.

Future topics:Creating a CSSA Memorial Board recognizing members who have passed beginning with members who have passed in 2015.

Next meeting November 2, 2015. All are welcome to attend.Adjourned at 7:45pmRespectfully submitted byGlenn H.