Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association on Oct 12 2016 at 06:24PM PDT in Fall 2016

Present: Warren Butler, Bob Hammond, Ron O’Donnell, Mike Parson, Randy
Bergman, Ray Deluca, Ken Taylor, Jerry Bohacek, Lee Molway
Absent: Dewey Hom, Scott Parrish
Warren Butler – calls meeting to order at 6:30pm
Secretary Minutes: September 26th. Minutes presented and accepted
Treasures Report: Beginning balance-$21,015.47 Ending balance – $20,967.48
Topics Discussed:
• Vetting process will include an interview of prospective candidates by the board to see if they are qualified for the position. A majority yes vote will put them on the ballot.
• Doug Ashby came before the board to explain his qualifications to run for Masters League Director. After discussions, Ken Taylor proposed a motion to put Doug on the ballot with Ron O’Donnell. 2nd. By Lee Molway.
• Masters League Director – a ballot will be presented to players of this league on October 4, 2016 to vote on director.
• Banquet Tickets – Available this week. League Directors make sure managers have tickets and are promoting ticket sales. Board members all agreed to bring a door prize to banquet.
• Ron brought up the need to pay umpires for an extra game, and should we continue this practice. Everyone agreed it needed to be discussed at a later meeting before next season.
• Ray said Gold Senior umpire issues have been resolved to alls’ satisfaction.
• Next Meeting: November 7, 2016 – R & M , Canton, GA – 6:30 pm


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