Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association on Mar 16 2017 at 11:05AM PDT in Spring 2017

MARCH 6, 2017
Present: Dewey Hom, Bob Hammond, Warren Butler, Ken Taylor, John Humeston, Mike Parsons, Jerry Bohacek, Ray Deluca, Lee Molway, Scott Parrish
Absent: Randy Bergman
Dewey Hom calls meeting to order at 6:25pm
Treasures Report: Beginning balance – $3,260.69 Ending balance – $7,623.72. See attached for details.
Topics Discussed:
• Uniforms – New shirts will be ready Saturday. Managers, please collect all shirts at the end of year. • Sponsors – Ray working on collecting money. Most sponsors came back this year. Still in need of a couple new sponsors. • Stats – Annie and Yvonne are ready to go for the new season. All rosters are on the website. Scott still working on i-pad training. • Evaluations – Signs seemed to work well, maybe need to get them out a little earlier next year. Evaluations went well with over 40 new players signed up. Thanks to all that helped make it run smoothly. • Draft – All went well with most teams having between 13-14 players. • Schedules – Annie will have soon. Tuesday and Wednesday nights will continue with starting times of 6:45, 8:00, and 9:15. • First aid/CPR – discussed the need to set up a class for those interested in getting certified in CPR. Umpires have first aid kits if needed. • Umpires – Mike has 3 returning umpires, 3 players that have been training and 3 backups. • Ejection rule clarification – If a player is ejected, when his spot comes up to bat it will be an out. Player must leave park immediately. A player that gets ejected will not be able to play in the next game in that league.
• Net purchase/usage – CSSA has purchased a new net. Mike Carrigan has drafted the official rules on net usage. Ken Taylor made a motion to accept rules and Lee Molway 2nd. Rules were accepted unanimously. See attachment for official rules. • League updates – nothing new to update from league directors. • Meeting adjourned. • Next meeting – April 3, 2017


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