Nov. 2017 Bod Meeting

Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association on Dec 01 2017 at 05:34AM PST in Fall 2017

November 7, 2017

Present: Bob Hammond, Warren Butler, Bob Werner, John Humeston, Ken Taylor, Dan Fleming, Darryl Moreland, Norm Theim, Mike Parson, Dewey Hom, Randy Bergman, Ray DeLuca
Absent: Scott Parrish
Dewey Hom calls meeting to order at 6:50pm
Treasurers Report: Beginning balance – $23,653.21 Ending balance – $16,310.26 Details attached.

*Topics discussed: *

• Banquet – Tickets and money collected. Approx.. 190 tickets sold as of meeting time. Will set up for 200 people. Ken’s daughter will be the photographer. Will do a 50/50 with money going to a children’s charity. Will also do an auction and raffle.

• Arnold Fowler and Lowell Lawson – It was discussed at the last meeting that we need to put it in our by-laws that a person can only win either of the awards once. After further discussion, it was decided that someone may win the Arnold Fowler Award once and the Lowell Lawson Award once. The vote was 9 for and 0 against.

• Board Positions – Bob Hammond has accepted vice commissioner position. Ray DeLuca has accepted the secretary position. Darryl Moreland has accepted the League Director Gold Seniors position.

• Bonuses – After discussion it was decided on to award the following bonuses for the 2017 season to: Darryl Moreland, Mike Carrigan, Lee Molway – and Anne Ryan. The vote was 9 for and 0 against.

• Stats Automation – Scott is continuing his work on a new automated system. Will be discussed more at a future meeting.

• Lessons learned from protests – Need to clarify inactive and injured reserve players. To be discussed at a future meeting.

• Custom Graphics protest – It was decided that the protest was invalid. • Next meeting December 4, 2017. Time and place to be determined


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