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November 5, 2018

The monthly meeting of the CSSA Board was held at R & M Hoagie Shop in Canton, and called to order by Norm Thiem at 6:30 PM;

Present members: Ray DeLuca, Bob Werner, Norm Thiem, Robbie Crider, Darrell Moreland, Mike Parson, John Humeston, Dewey Hom, Bob Hammond & Don DiSalvo; Also in attendance was Ricky Shoup;

Absent Members: Randy Bergman & Dan Fleming;

A. Minutes from October 8, 2018, BOD meeting were read, discussed and approved.

B. Financial Report was presented, discussed and approved. Balance as of October 30, 2018, is $5530.74. Most of the year’s final expenses have been paid for the 2018 season with the exception of CPRA fall fees.

C. Banquet Planning:
1. Headcount as of 11-5-18 is 135 paid and 26 sponsors attending for a total of 161;
2. We need to give the final count tomorrow morning to the caterers;
3. Also discussed a type of dessert and it will be supplied through the CSSA in order to save some expenses on the dinner;
4. Discussed the need for additional door prizes to go along with the 20+ we already have, and would like to have as many as possible.
5. We will also ask that everyone who attends the banquet to please bring a new unwrapped toy, at least $5 in value, to pass on to the children in our area for Christmas in conjunction with ‘TOYS for TOTS’.

D. League Reports concerning changes implemented this year: (given by each league director)
1. National – worked well and league was ultra competitive. People were able to play more than before;
2. American – few players were unhappy, but still believe it worked well. All teams had a chance to win games & league championship;
3. Masters – players and teams felt that the new team added into the league was given too much, and this took away from other teams. Also, some felt that season started too late;
4. Skip Wells – worked well & very competitive, as all 4 teams finished 5 & 5;
5. Gold Legends – believe that the rules helped balance the league. There were very few problems, and these few will be ironed out prior to next season;
6. Cornerstone – appeared to work well and provided a good season. League was competitive, but unfortunately 1 team did have some issues. Some players upset about the amount of double headers, but this issue will be corrected for the 2019 season;
7. Lowell Lawson – some players upset because this league was basically created for players with less abilities and heading towards the end of their careers. They felt as though the newer players were actually pushing them out. This issue will be addressed by the BOD at the December meeting.

E. Umpires Report:
1. Good season w/umpires and the changes that were put in place this year;
2. Issues were corrected through the season and showed that a 1 umpire system can work if the umpire hustles on the field just like the players;
3. Three additional umpires are going to be added to the league for next year to cover for absent umpires and/or double headers.

F. Golf Tournament & Fundraising:
1. Currently there are 48 people registered to play on 11-12-18, at the Towne Lake Hills Golf Club, and tee time is set for 9:00 AM.
2. Awards for low gross, longest drive, closest to the pin, etc. There will also be random handicap holes and some other special surprises;
3. We believe that the tournament will raise about $1500, to pass on to special charities;
4. Thanks to Tom Cameron, bad finger and all.

G. 2019 BOD and Committees:
1. Need to establish some smaller committees to assist the BOD with rules;
2. Sponsor committee to assist in generating new sponsors, and provide information to clients on what a sponsorship in the CSSA can generate for their business. Need some of the players who are or have been involved in sales in the past to be a part of the committee;
3. Banquet committee to assist in locations, menus, dates, etc.

H. 2019 Calendar:
1. Spring season will begin April 1, 2019…no fooling!
2. Evaluations tentatively scheduled for February 16/17, 23/24 and March 2/3 (if needed);
3. Drafts will be held sometime between March 6 and 14;
4. Fall season will begin August 12, 2019, except for Cornerstone league that will begin on August 19, 2019;
5. Evaluations are tentatively scheduled for July 9, 14, 16 and 21;
6. Drafts will be held between July 23 and 30.

I. REMINDER – team managers will collect ALL the uniform shirts from his players as to have them available for the next season. This will defer some expenses for new shirts for new players.

J. Only 1 sponsor did not re-up this year, and they will be replaced with a new sponsor for the 2019 spring season.

K. The BOD’s were informed this weekend that 2 people are resigning from the CSSA. The first is Dan Flemming (Lowell Lawson League Director). The second is Mike Carrigan (Umpire). Both men have their own reasons and they are respected by the BOD’s for their decision. They will be missed and tough to replace.

M. The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM.


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