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December 3, 2018
(Submitted 1-2-19)

I apologize for the minutes being late. I had a computer crash and have waited over 3 weeks for repair.

The monthly meeting of the CSSA Board was held 12-3-2018, at Game Day, and called to order by Norm Thiem at 6:40 PM;

Present members: Ray DeLuca, Bob Werner, Darrell Moreland, Norm Thiem, Mike Parson, Robbie Crider, Dewey Hom, John Humeston, Don DiSalvo and Dick O’Conner;

Absent Members: Randy Bergman, Dan Fleming and Ricky Shoup

A. Minutes for November were read, discussed & approved.

B. Dick O’Conner has been named the new director of the Lowell Lawson League to replace Dan Flemming. A big ‘THANKS’ goes out to Dan for all his hard work and efforts. We wish you well in the future and you’re always welcome to come back.

C. Treasurer Report was presented discussed and passed by the board. Projected 2018, year- end cash balance is $10,452.98. This includes cash in of $440 from Fendley Farmstead, $285 from donations, cash out of $1,080.25 for Fall Championship Shirts and $2,103.00 in charity. The $2,103 was given to 2 players and their family to help with personal expenses. Out of respect for these 2 families, their names are being kept private.

D. Discussed key accomplishments in 2018:
1. Player fees were lowered by 10% while maintaining a balanced budget;
2. An 8th league was created in the fall, providing improved safety for players in the old American League and creating room for future growth in the spring of 2019, and hopefully adding 2 new teams;
3. Bat quality control was initiated to remove altered bats from league play;
4. Managed to maintain 4 teams in the Cornerstone League and 6 teams in the Masters League, despite a loss of players in both leagues;
5. Adding a second corporate sponsor in 2019, Hathaway Insurance;
6. Consensus was that the 2018 Banquet was a huge success and best ever;
7. Raised $1,860.00 from our Charity Golf Tournament (thanks to Tom Cameron);
8. We met our commitment to play all 20 scheduled games;
9. Developed a managers ‘code of conduct’ to make sure that the Mission of CSSA is implemented across all leagues once in place.

E. We are still looking for someone to step forward and take over the office of Treasurer for CSSA in 2019. Please contact one of the board members to apply for this position.

F. Banquet results:
1. $2800 from 140 paying guests;
2. Paid $3800 from 190 total guests including sponsors;
3. $207 taxes;
4. $150 security guard for cash bar;
5. $350 facility fee (in lieu of 2019 sponsor payment);
6. Net loss 2017…$640, Net loss 2018…$1,707
7. Net cash effect: $1007 ($350 discount for 2018 Sidelines Sponsor fee & 2019 Fendley Farmstead);
8. 50/50 Raffle – $230.

G. The BOD has chosen and will ask the following members of the CSSA to be a part of the Rules Committee. The committee will be chaired by Darrell Moreland.
Ray McClure, Mike Ryan, Steve Flemming, Neil Horner, Robert Pritchard, Jerry Bohocheck.

H. Discussed goals for 2019:
1. Add 2 more teams (1 each in National & American Leagues);
2. Headcount of 450 players and 500+ roster spots filled;
3. Attract 8 more external sponsors:
a. Replace GCB, Cruise Planners, Aable John’s and BRC/HME (4),
b. Sponsors for Skip Wells (4),
c. Sponsors for new National & American League teams (2),
d. We have 2 new sponsor committals from the banquet.
4. Two MAJOR fund raisers (Spring & Fall Golf Tournaments);
5. Reduce banquet loss;
6. Have 2 or more candidates for ALL BOD positions for the fall elections;
7. Finish ALL leagues with playoffs and/or head to head (no co-champs).

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.


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