Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association on Sep 24 2019 at 04:12PM PDT in Fall 2019

CSSA Board of Directors Meeting September 2, 2019
Present: Norm Thiem, Bob Werner, John Humeston, Robbie Crider, Bob Hammond, Randy Bergman, Dewey Hom, Darrell Moreland, Dick O’Conner and Leland Brown
Absent: Mike Parson, Ray Deluca
Meeting called to order at 6:30pm by Norm Thiem
Financial report was not ready at this time.
Old Business:
• Discussed what to do about managers and/or players not turning money in on time. What do we need to fix process. It was brought up to enforce “No pay No play”
• Discussed the use of Constant Contact and how we can use it more efficiently. It was brought up to have a training session.
• Sponsor update: Still have 2 teams not paid. Ray still working on this.
Banquet update: Will take place on Thursday, November 14th, at Findley Farmstead, Canton, Georgia. Ray Deluca is working to finalize menu. Tickets will go on sale soon. Price will be $25 and you will also receive a CSSA 25th Anniversary hat. Tickets for spouse will be $15. Sponsors will not get a hat with their ticket. There will be additional hats available for $10.

New business:
Arnold Fowler Award – In 1997, the Board of Directors recognized there was more important things than batting average, home runs and RBI’s. It was decided to honor one player, chosen by his peers, who demonstrates the quality of integrity, dedication, teamwork, and other intangibles to a high degree. The first player to receive this award was Arnold Fowler. If you would like to nominate someone for this award please do so by submitting a written detailed justification as to why you think this person deserves this prestigious award. Please submit nominations to secretary, Ray Deluca, by October 11th. Note: past winners are not eligible.
Lowell Lawson Award – This award is based on the belief that there are many who wish to participate, but few are willing to take the leadership role to plan, implement and maintain the organization. This award was established to recognize those individuals who take the extra steps to ensure the organization flourishes. Award is limited to Board Members and Managers. If you would like to nominate someone for this prestigious award please do so by October 11th. Please send to Ray Deluca. Each nominee requires a written detailed justification. Note: past winners are not eligible.
• League MVP – It was proposed that the League Champion will continue to pick the MVP from their team. It was also proposed and approved that the entire team will vote for the winner. In case of a tie the league director will cast the tie breaker.
• Nominations for Board positions – All board positions will be open for next year. If you would like nominate someone, or run for a position yourself, please forward your intentions to Ray Deluca by October 11th.
• Rainouts – working on a contingency plan in case of additional rainouts. A couple of ideas will be sent to managers.
• Next meeting September 30th, time and place to be determined.
• Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.