Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association on Jan 25 2020 at 02:33AM PST in Spring 2020

CRPA Banquet Gary will be receiving our volunteer of the year award.

Gary Bedoe is more than a softball player, manager and supporter of the CSSA. Gary is a humanitarian. and over the years has supported and mentored young adults teaching them work ethics, honesty and self support. I have met several of these individuals and seen there growth as families and hard earning individuals. This is all done out of his pocket and time. Gary is a true friend for anyone that takes his hand to walk the line of a good citizen. I can’t be prouder to know Gary than all the individuals I have met over the years. Gary introduced me to the CSSA and has helped me understand what it means to support the local community.

Gary Bedoe is not a hubris man and most people don’t know what he has to done to make Cherokee County Georgia a better place to live.


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