Sept BOD Meeting

Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association on Oct 04 2020 at 11:50AM PDT in Fall 2020

September 28, 2020

The monthly meeting of the CSSA was held 09-28-2020, at GameDay, and called to order by Norm Thiem at 12:20 PM.
Members present: Ray DeLuca, Dewy Hom, Andy Tubbs, Dick O’Conner, Bob Werner, Norm Thiem, Mike Parson, John Humeston, Brad Tafoya & Leland Brown
Absent: Randy Bergman, Donny Adams & Robbie Crider
A. Minutes were read, a couple spelling corrections made and then approved.
B. Discussed sponsorships, and found that a few have not paid for the 2020 season. The following have not paid, but will be contacted by one of the board members: D-Bats, All Weather, Farmers Ins., El Ranchero, Gameday and Donovan’s.
C. The ejection rule was discussed, and passed as written in the August minutes. The rule reads as follows, and will be incorporated into the by-laws:
All ejections will be reviewed by the executive committee, after the first game suspension, provided there is no conflict of interest. Also, the BOD may add additional penalties if needed.

D. The Arnold Fowler Award was discussed, and a form will be posted on the web-site to be completed by any member of the league. Nominations will be accepted and placed on a ballot to be voted on by the players over the next few weeks. The award is NOT a popularity contest, but based on the accomplishments of the person with regard to: sportsmanship, integrity, dedication and teamwork. John Humeston, Bob Werner, Mike Parson, Andy Tubbs & Ray DeLuca will serve as the vetting committee for nominations and acquire pictures of said nominees.
E. As we complete the end of our 25th Anniversary of the CSSA, we would like to recognize Jerry King and Bill King as the only original players from the beginning 25 years ago. Thank you for starting & remaining a part of this organization.
F. Veterans Day Golf Tournament will take place on Wednesday, 11-11-20. The entrance fee will be $65 per person, and it will begin at 12:00 PM. Tom Cameron is the tournament head. Sign-up cards will be handled by the scorekeepers and will be available beginning next week. You do not need a team to enter. Individuals may sign up and will be placed on a team upon arrival.
G. In discussion about various organizations and their rules concerning bat warmers, it has been determined by the BOD that bat warmers will NOT be considered illegal. Due to natural temperature changes, during the season from cold to hot and hot to cold, no one should be penalized for protecting their equipment.
H. Awards Banquet scheduled for November has been officially cancelled, due to the COVID virus. However, the awards will be presented to the winners at the beginning of the spring season 2021.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:35 PM


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