Arnold Fowler Nominations

Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association on Oct 12 2020 at 01:52PM PDT in Fall 2020

The Arnold Fowler Award is based on the player that best exemplifies the qualities of: Sportsmanship, Integrity, Dedication and Teamwork
Only 1 vote per player per team
Mark with an X for only 1 person
_____ 1. Tom Ballard – Nominated for all his years of playing & coaching in the CSSA. He’s always willing to share his time & extensive knowledge with anyone whether it is before, during or after a game, or during the Tuesday open practice which he attends on a regular basis. He also participates a great deal during open evaluations. From what I have seen, Tom gives his all in everything he does. He is a true leader on the ball field and is willing to play any position that is requested of him. Plays: Monday Gold / Tuesday Masters
______ 2. Bill King – Bill is both a player & sponsor. He is one of the original CSSA players and has been in the league for 25 years. Bill is a person with outstanding sportsmanship. Since day one he has showed everything deserving of this award. Good attitude in all aspects of the game and an excellent teammate. Plays: Tuesday Masters / Wednesday Legacy
______ 3. John Moreland – He has been a member of CSSA for over 15 years as a player & manager. John has been a great example of sportsmanship & leadership in the NL, AL and recently the Monday Gold league. He is extremely competitive and a skilled player. As a coach he has been a great leader & motivator. Plays: Monday Gold / Tuesday American League
______ 4. Mike Parson – He is a great team player with an awesome attitude. He is always willing to help out with any team that is short of a player. He plays by the rules at all times, and encourages each player to do the same. He fits the profile for: Integrity, sportsmanship, dedication and teamwork. Plays: Monday Gold / Tuesday National League / Skip Wells
______ 5. Darvin Poole – Veteran player & sponsor. Unsurpassed integrity, southern gentleman, plays in 2 leagues, tremendous sportsmanship, family man & teammate. Priorities are in order: Faith, family, business & softball. He is a perfect example & representative of a senior softball player for the CSSA. Plays: Monday Gold / Tuesday American League
______ 6. John Schwartz – John is a long-time member of the CSSA. He always has a positive attitude and makes his teams better just by being there. He will play any position that you need from pitcher to SS and do it well. When we needed a sponsor, John steeped up and became a sponsor (Marietta Drywall). When told he was exempt from player fees, John declined & told us to give the money to a player that was struggling. We used the money to pay for a player who John probably never knew. He exemplifies the best in what we hope for in a CSSA member. Plays: Monday Gold / Tuesday National League / Wednesday Legacy

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