Jan 2021 BOD Meeting

Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association on Feb 02 2021 at 06:06AM PST in Fall 2020

January 11, 2021
The monthly meeting of the CSSA was held 01-11-2021, at GameDay, and called to order by Norm Thiem at 3:05 PM.
Members present: Ray DeLuca, Andy Tubbs, Dick O’Conner, Bob Werner, Norm Thiem, Mike Parson, John Humeston, Robbie Crieder, Dewey Hom & Randy Bergman

Absent: Leland Brown & Brad Tafoya
A. Minutes from 12-07-20 were read, and approved.
B. Financial Report: Current Balance $15,919.20
Deferred to 2021 – 3787.00
Trophies & plaques – 320.27
Balance to begin 2021 $11,811.93

C. Goals for 2021:
1. All leagues to play on a same & equal basis;
2. Retighten rules that were implemented in 2020 due to COVID, as opposed to lack of some changes, including play & code of conduct;
3. Try to have 13 players per team in all leagues, and regulate on the amount of teams per league, to achieve this goal;
4. Register and collect fees from players on line. Everything to be done via credit cards, PayPal, etc. The plan is to not deal with cash or checks. Funding will be needed to initiate the program and have it available prior to the spring season. Mike Parson, Dewey Hom & Bob Warner will serve as a committee to look into different options and entities to get this system going.

D. New dates for evaluations:
1. February 27 & 28,
2. March 6 & 7.

E. Discussed purchase of new bases for Skip Wells (safety issue from current bases) to include a double 1st base, base pegs, brackets, etc. The cost would be $236.63. A motion was made and passed by the BOD to purchase new equipment.
F. The Umpire in Charge for the CSSA will be Darrell Moreland and his Chief Assistant will be Dick O’Conner. Thank you to both.
G. Managers need to be polled to see if they have enough players to field a team, and how many will they have on their roster. Managers need to report back to their league directors by February 1, 2021.
H. At the November meeting the BOD’s discussed a rule change that allows a team to pick up a pitcher when another team does not have a starting pitcher or backup pitcher available for one of their games. We continued the discussion at this meeting to add clarification to the rule.
1. A team may pick up a pitcher when… their primary starting pitcher or experienced backup pitcher is not available;
2. A team can not pick up more than 3 players for any 1 game;
3. The pitcher picked up will count as 1 of the 3 players that can be picked up for the game;
4. Teams must start with 8 of their roster team players to avoid forfeit.

I. On January 21, 2021, the CRPA will have their yearly Awards Banquet for all of the volunteers who participate throughout the CRPA. There will be an award handed down to someone in the CSSA, and we hope some of you can attend.

J. The next meeting is scheduled for 6:30 PM on Monday, 2-8-2021, at Gameday Grill.

Meeting ended at 5:15 PM.
ATTENTION, ATTENTION: Since I was unable to get the January minutes out earlier I am able to publish the CSSA winner of the CRPA Volunteer Award. This year’s winner is someone special to all of us….. Michael ‘Beans’ Ryan


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