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March 7, 2022

The monthly meeting of the CSSA Board of Directors was held March 7, 2022, at Ralph’s Tavern/Zucca Pizza in Kennesaw, and called to order by Norm Thiem at 6:43 P.M.
Members Present: Norm Thiem, Ray DeLuca, Maria Burden, Leland Brown, Dewey Hom, Mike Maguire, Dan Bonham, Bob Werner, Mike Parson, John Humeston, and Dick O’Connor.
Absent: Robbie Crider, Randy Bergman, and James Bauch
A. Minutes of the February 7, 2022 meeting, having been emailed to all, were Board approved.
B. Treasurer/Financial Report, having been emailed to all, was Board approved.
C. 2022 Sponsors: Ray DeLuca updated the status of CSSA sponsors. Most have either already paid or have committed, and we have almost enough sponsors to cover the Skip Wells League for the first time.
D. Jerseys: Designs and order processing is underway. The Masters League’s jersey designs are approved for all teams and ready to order. The Patriot League (merged American/National League) will receive jerseys first.
E. Manager Packages: Norm Thiem distributed packets to all league directors to be distributed to their team managers who will collect player fees and signed waiver forms for all returning players after the first game, (due to probable weather-related delays of the season start).
F. Clarification of “Injured Reserve List.” Norm Thiem reminded the BOD that per the By-Laws, there is no Injured Reserve List. There is only a Reserve/Replacement Player List. Players who do not wish to be assigned to a lower league can be placed on the Reserve/Replacement Player List.
G. Review of New Player Evaluation Process: The BOD agreed that the 2022 Spring evaluation days went far more smoothly than in previous years. Many positive comments were heard from new players regarding the organization and professionalism of the process. Several members felt that a Player Profile Card should be created to provide clearer information on-site to Evaluators regarding which days/how many days per week new players are available to play. There was still confusion on that issue during and after evaluations. The BOD will make those changes in time for the Fall 2022 Evaluation Days.
H. Roundtable Discussion: Norm Thiem introduced the first of several roundtable discussions to identify current practices that should be incorporated into the By-Laws including the draft process and other items. Continued discussions will need to be held before the process is finalized.
I. Season Start: The various league directors will determine when their season starts, based on league specific situations and weather.
J. League Specific Rules: All League Specific Rules submitted have been approved by the BOD.
K. Bat Checking: This will be done at the first practice if possible and will continue when/as needed. Norm Thiem will order visual stickers which should be ready by season start.
L. Discussion of Possible Financial Assistance by CSSA for hardship of a league associate.
The meeting adjourned at 8:35 P.M.
The next BOD meeting will be Monday, April 4, 2022 at 6:30 p.m.


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