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July 5, 2022

The monthly meeting of the CSSA was held 07-05-22, at GameDay, and called to order by Norm Thiem at 12:00 PM. Members present: Ray DeLuca, Dick O’Conner, Norm Thiem, Mike Parson, John Humeston, Robbie Crieder, Leland Brown, Dewey Hom, Mike McGuire & Dan Bonham.

Absent: Bob Werner, Randy Bergman, James Bauch & Maria Schell Burden
A. Minutes from 06-06-22 were discussed and approved.
B. Current financial report with all expenses paid, except for CPRA, has a balance of $6500. After CPRA is paid, we will have a balance of approx. $3700, prior to the start of fall season.
C. There are a total of 3 sponsors who have not paid for the upcoming fall season. These will be collected prior to the start of the season, along with 1 new sponsor.
D. The BOD discussed the hiring of more new umpires and scorekeepers, with Tuesday evening games being our main concerns. If anyone knows of qualified umpires and/or knowledgeable scorekeepers please pass this information onto that person and the BOD. Currently, umpires are paid $50 per game, and scorekeepers are paid $25 per game. We will post this information onto our web site as well as Atlanta softball page, newspapers and other sites if necessary.
E. Commitment Line: The commitment line was discussed as being changed from 25’ to 30’ from home plate. The motion PASSED, and will begin with the fall season.
F. A motion was made, for ALL players, that a team jersey MUST be worn to play. This will be discussed & placed for a vote in August along with new guidelines.
G. In the event of an incident at a game, such as language, arguments, code of conduct, etc, the incident will be immediately reported to the BOD by the umpire. A ‘Code of Conduct’ will be supplied to each player in the league via hard copy.
H. Rule update and changes for pitching screen:
1. The pitcher must remain behind the screen until the batter hits the ball or the ball strikes the ground;
2. Infractions will be called only by the umpire. With the 1st infraction the runners will advance one base and the pitch will be dealt as a dead ball – ball.
3. After the 1st infraction the pitcher will be removed from pitching and the same rules from part (2) will be enforced.
The motion was voted on and PASSED by the BOD
I. Rule change for catcher was also discussed. The rule states that a catcher may touch any part of the large home plate mat to make a force play on a runner. The rule was PASSED, but it will only be permitted as a LEAGUE SPECIFIC RULE.
J. Evaluations for the fall season will be conducted from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM on:
1. July 23 & 24
2. July 30 & 31
Evaluations will be conducted in the usual manner, but we ask that current players should not be standing all around the field. Only those who are pitching, hitting or doing pictures & paperwork with the new players should be in the field of play.
K. Arnold Fowler Award Nominations.
In 1997, the Board of Directors (BOD) recognized that there was more to softball than things like batting averages, home runs and RBI’s. It was decided that one player should be chosen, who demonstrates the qualities of sportsmanship, integrity, dedication, teamwork and other intangibles to the highest degree. This is the most special award issued through the CSSA, because the winning player is chosen by his peers.
If you would like to nominate someone for this award, please do so by submitting a written detailed reason as to why you think this person deserves this prestigious award. Please include your name and phone number.
Address nominations to Ray DeLuca via e-mail or postal service:
2. 105 Rock Creek Dr, Canton, GA. 30114 (770) 355-3911

Nominations MUST be received NO LATER than October 13, 2022.
Past winners of this award are not eligible.

Past winners include:

1. Arnold Fowler
2. Jim Powell
3. Joe Scigliano
4. Glenn Horne
5. Les Taylor
6. Lowell Lawson
7. Joe Manous
8. Henry Helton
9. Lawrence Bishop
10. Ferrell Sparks
11. Bill Kemp
12. Bob Castellana
13. Barney Greene
14. George Stroh
15. Howard Hansard
16. Jimmy Long
17. Dewey Hom
18. Mike Ryan
19. Scott Trevathan
20. John Humeston
21. Ray Bryant
22. Steve Fleming
23. Lee Molway
24. Mike Parson
25. Tom Ballard

L. Next meeting scheduled for Monday, August 1, 2022 @ GameDay Grille 6:30PM

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 PM


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