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The meeting of the CSSA Board of Directors was held December 4th, 2023, at Ralph’s Tavern, Kennesaw, and called to order by Norman Thiem at 6:40 P.M.

Board Members Present: Norman Thiem, Mike Parson, Robbie Crider, Dick O’Connor, Maria Burden, Marty Aftewicz, Randy Bergman, Dewey Hom, Dan Bonham, John Humeston.
Paul Markley was a guest.

Board Members Mike Maguire, Ray DeLuca, Steve Fleming and James Bauch were absent.

A. Minutes of the October 23rd, 2023 meeting were reviewed and Board approved.
B. Treasurer’s Notes: Norman Thiem reported that Mike Maguire would have a full financial statement ready by year end with final reporting on the golf tournament and award banquet financials.
C. Board Members Retiring: Leland Brown and Bob Werner have resigned from the board. Their service and commitment to CSSA are greatly appreciated and they will be missed. Paul Markley was invited to join the meeting to observe and consider a position on the board as a league director/manager. The question of the need for player representatives was discussed.
D. Legends League Director: Randy Bergman volunteered to serve as Legends League Director if Paul Markley would take over the directorship of the Legacy League. The board voted to approve that change.
E. Storage Shed: Norman Thiem proposed the purchase of a storage shed and hand truck to move batting mats at Hobgood Park to secure our equipment, considering the ongoing problem with equipment and supplies being taken from the existing storage area at the park.
F. Batting Titles and Forfeits: The board discussed the impact of forfeited games on qualifications for batting titles and the number of games a player must play in order to be the batting champ.
G. New Balls for 2024 Season: A temperature-controlled storage space will be used for the safe storage of the balls arriving in late December – early January. It was decided that two new balls would continue to be used for each game for the upcoming spring season.
H. Patriots League: The board concluded that 70-year phase-out rule qualifies as league-specific and can be modified with board approval.
I. 2024 Sponsors: The board voted to make sponsor fees $400 for the 2024 seasons.
J. 2024 Scorekeepers and Umpires: Fees will remain the same as last season.
K. 2024 Player Fees: Fees will remain at $55 per player per league. Eighty-up players will continue to be awarded one fee waiver each for the 2024 seasons. Scholarships are available for fee payment based on need, and should be submitted to Stacie Pittman by league directors so they can be properly accounted for in the system.
L. 2024 Calendar: Norman Thiem presented a 2024 calendar with slightly earlier dates for spring evaluations, drafts and league start dates than previous years. As always, weather may affect dates. The calendar will be confirmed and announcements made accordingly.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m. The next meeting will be January 8th with location TBD.


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