Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association on Jan 23 2024 at 09:46AM PST in Fall 2023

The meeting of the CSSA Board of Directors was held January 4th, 2024, at Wicked Wings, Kennesaw, and called to order by Norman Thiem at 6:40 P.M.

Board Members Present: Norman Thiem, Mike Parson, Robbie Crider, Dick O’Connor, Maria Burden, Paul Markley, Marty Aftewicz, Randy Bergman, Dewey Hom, Dan Bonham, John Humeston, Mike Maguire and Ray DeLuca.

Board Members Steve Fleming and James Bauch were absent.

A. Minutes of the December 4, 2023 meeting were reviewed and Board approved.
B. Treasurer’s Report: Mike Maguire presented a complete financial statement for 2023 with final reporting on the golf tournament and award banquet financials as well as projections for income for 2024. The charity fund is larger than ever, mainly due to the 2023 golf tournaments benefiting this fund, making it available for use to assist those in need within our organization.
C. Sponsor Report: The board discussed the status of current sponsors, and potential replacements for sponsors possibly leaving this year. More will be known in the next two months. Getting early and firm commitments from new sponsors is critical so new jerseys can be ordered and received prior to the start of the spring 2024 season. Player sponsors are solidly returning as sponsors this year.
D. New City of Refuge Team: Mike Parson proposed creating a team named “City of Refuge” in honor of the great works of Bruce Deel, a player in the CSSA. Team sponsor fees will be paid from the charity fund. The sponsorship will bring more awareness to the good work done by this incredible organization, which includes housing to end homelessness, health, wellness and nutrition programs, youth development programs, as well as shelter and support programs for human trafficking victims, domestic violence survivors and much more. The board voted to approve the proposal.
E. Storage Shed: A 4’x6’ lockable storage shed has been approved and will be placed inside the gated maintenance area at Hobgood Park to keep CSSAs equipment safe and secure. Our inventory of new softballs will be housed in a climate-controlled storage facility held by Norman Thiem.
F. Bat Checks: The board discussed the merits/need for bat checks in the Patriots League, where there are some questions of illegal or altered bats in use from time to time. Dan Bonham will head a committee to study the need and logistics.
G. Strike Mats: The board concluded CSSA would stick with the existing plywood strike mats for 2024.
H. New Competitive Balance Tool for Draft: Dan Bonham introduced a dynamic cloud-based Competitive Balance Tool which he developed to assist League Directors in carrying out the vitally important responsibility of creating and maintaining a competitive balance among teams in each league to ensure that this element of CSSA’s mission is carried out each season during the draft. Using statistics and data Dan entered from recent seasons and skill scores from player evaluations, this simple but powerful program makes it easy for League Directors to look at team rosters objectively and manage the job of creating/maintaining competitive balance between teams to make playing in the CSSA fun, competitive and fair.
I. CRPA Annual Banquet: On January 18th, the CRPA will hold its annual banquet honoring outstanding members of recreation leagues and locations. CSSA discussed and nominated our honoree for this year. CSSAs honoree will be named at the banquet. Last year’s CSSA honoree was Marty Aftewicz for his innumerable contributions and dedication to CSSA.

The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m. The next meeting will be February 5th with location TBD.


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