National / American League Merger

Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association on Feb 03 2022 at 11:40AM PST in Spring 2022

Hello Everyone,

It is almost that time of year to come out into the sun light and play ball.

I wanted to update everyone on the plan for the Spring season related to the National and American League teams. I have no idea what rumors are circulating out there so here is what I can tell you as of today.

The CSSA BOD has decided to merge the NL and AL Leagues into one combined League (no idea what we will call it) for the Spring 2022 season and beyond. I have been asked to be the league director for the 2022 season. We will have 8 teams with 13 man rosters. The purpose of this reorganization is to have a competitive league with team stability. We hope that a 13 man roster and player realignment will eliminate the need for managers to scramble at the last minute to field a team each week. We are also trying to provide each team with players that can field a good defensive alignment as well as have the offence needed to win games.

The managers for the teams have been selected and they have begun to put together a core group of players to begin with. This season the managers are:

• Dan Bonham – Bedoes

• James Bauch – Lawn Doctor (Last seasons All Weather team)

• Chris Geiger – D Bats

• Earl Riley – Integrity

• Terry Crump – GCB

• Freddy Allen – AIMC

• Ken Silvers – Becketts

• Brian Henson – Southland Custom Homes

The managers should have already been in touch with you to confirm your playing status for the Spring season. If you have not been contacted please use this message to let me know directly if you are planning to return and play in the Spring 2022 season. We will likely move some of the sponsor names around after the draft but for now it is easier to use the Team name from the fall for draft purposes.

The managers will put together a team core to start with and then draft the remainder of the teams from the player pool (returning players and Spring tryout players). Tryout out dates are February 19, 20, 26 and 27 at Hobgood. We will begin at noon each day and end around 2PM. We plan to start the Spring season the week of March 14th. We are planning to have a practice week (week of March 7th) and then play a 10 game regular season. The season will have 2 parts to it. In Part 1 each team will play each other once. Once those 7 games are completed the teams will break up into 2 divisions based upon overall record. In Part 2, the 4 teams in each division will play each other once to determine a champion for that division.

That is the basic overview, I hope you find this information helpful. I look forward to seeing everyone out of the field again.

Please note: It is important that we know each players plan for the Spring season so we can list the players available for the draft. Please respond to me directly and let me know your status for the Spring.

Mike Maguire


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