March Meeting Minutes

Posted by Dewey Hom on Mar 11 2015 at 01:47AM PDT in Spring 2015

CSSA Board of Directors Meeting
March 2, 2015

Present: Dewey Hom, Commissioner, Paul Knotts, Vice Commissioner; Glenn Peacock, Secretary; Ken Taylor, Treasurer; Peter Fowler, National League Director; Warren Butler, American League Director; Ray DeLuca, Senior League Director; Ron O’Donnell, Master League Director; Randy Bergman, Legacy League Director; Mike Ryan, Lowell Lawson League Director; Terry Cartledge, Player Representative

Absent: Bill Corridori, Legends League Director

Dewey Hom called meeting to order at 6:31pm.

Secretary Minutes: Read and discussed. Voted on unanimously to accept.
Treasurers Report: Beginning balance $8,853.79. Ending balance $9,223.56
Revenue: $2750.
Expenditures: $2380.23 (softballs)
Discussed and approved unanimously.

Topics Discussed:
• Insurance: $1520.00 spent on General Liability and Directors and Officers Liability Insurance.
• Softballs: Pete Fowler will distribute softballs to League Directors. Discussion on whether to give softball to umpires or managers who will give to umpires. Decision left to League Directors.
• Sponsors: Ron O’Donnell gave to Ken Taylor two checks for Super Sod and Able John Tree Services 2015 entry fees for $300 each.
Ray DeLuca presented a list of 23 sponsors who have paid their entry fees.
All Directors will verify the names for spelling so that schedules can be made.
• Uniforms: National League will order the dri-fit shirts. National League will cover additional cost.
Ron O’Donnell requested that League Directors get size and numbers to him instead of managers.
Discussion on need to order new uniforms for new teams along with teams that warrant replacement.
• Spring Schedule: All games are to be completed the week of June 22, 2015.
Pete Fowler will finalize playing schedule and will get information to Anne Ryan to print.

• Team Fees: Tuesday night directors will collect all monies and waivers for their respective leagues and present check(s) and waivers to the League Treasurer. Monday and Wednesday directors will also collect all monies and waivers and present check(s) and waivers to the commissioner.
• Scorekeepers: A need for scorekeepers for Monday and Wednesday mornings. Contact any board member if interested.
• Draft: League Directors need to get all names of players to Ken Taylor so the names can be entered onto the CSSA website. Managers must make every effort to have correct spelling verified before given to Ken Taylor.
• League Rule changes:
• National League:
• Going from 3 to 5 homeruns per game.
• 70 ft. bases between bases.
• 50 minute plus one inning time limit.
• Pitchers must stay in designated area after releasing pitched ball.
• American League: No flip flop rule.
• Senior League: No changes.
• Master League: 11 players in the field.
• Legacy League: Teams short a master player, can replace with a master player. Teams short of a “legacy” player can only replace with a “legacy” player.
• Lowell Lawson League: No changes.
• Other Topics:
WEBSITE: Make sure players names are clearly written and spelled correctly.
• Delay of starting first game of the day. If both teams have 8 roster players, game must begin. Otherwise 15 minute grace period begins at scheduled start. (i.e. 9:30 am or 6:30 pm.) All other games will start immediately after preceeding game. National League can start with 7 roster players.
• Ron O’Donnell congratulated Warren Butler on his handling the American League draft.
• Ken Taylor was nominated to have access to the CSSA website. Discussed and passed unanimously.
• Anniversary shirts will be available March 13, 2015. 120 shirts will be printed at. Motion made to sell at $15.00 per or 2 for $25.00. Discussed and passed unanimously.
CPR-AED training: Pete Fowler is coordinating a training session on a Saturday, date to be determined for anyone interested. Dewey Hom, Paul Knotts, Ray DeLuca and Warren Butler expressed an interest in attending.
• Practice Times; Contact your manager(s) for practice times. Times and dates are subject to change.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.
Next meeting: April 6, 2015 6:30 pm

Respectfully submitted

Glenn H. Peacock, Secretary