January 12, 2022 BOD Meeting Minutes

Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association on Jan 19 2022 at 12:45PM PST

January 12, 2022
The monthly meeting of the CSSA Board of Directors was held January 12, 2022, at GameDay Grill and called to order by Norm Thiem at 6:28 P.M.
Members Present: Norm Thiem, Ray DeLuca, Maria Burden, Robbie Crider, Leland Brown, Mike Maguire, Dan Bonham, Dewey Hom, Bob Werner, Mike Parson, John Humeston and Dick O’Connor. Misty Diehl, new manager of Sosbee Funeral Home Team was a guest.
Absent: Randy Bergman
A. Minutes of the December 6, 2022 meeting were presented and Board approved.
B. Treasurer/Financial Report: Dan Bonham, Treasurer, is fully set up to assume financial duties. Norm Thiem presented the 2021 Profit and Loss Report, Balance Sheet (P/L will be posted on TeamPages for those interested). Also presented was a first draft of Projected Gain/Loss for 2022. Negative net income for 2021 of $862.28 was due to the advance purchase of softballs for 2022 seasons because of supply chain issues. Dan suggests that a separate bank account be established (no additional bank fees) for the Charity Fund, to simplify reporting. Board approved.
C. Player Fee Payments: It was decided that to make payments easier and the process more efficient and less costly that we would go back to managers collecting payments from their team. Players can pay by cash, check, or credit card but credit card payments will be on a form instead of the on-site card reader used last year. Payments must be made by the end of the first week of play. Players that cannot make the first week need to mail their check to their manager. Players will use a single payment for each team that they play on so that the managers can certify that they have paid. There will be a $5 convenience fee for all credit card payments to help cover the cost charged by the credit card company. These changes are due to staffing issues. Board approved that 2022 registration fees will remain at $50.00 per player per team.
D. Uniforms for 2022 season: the BOD voted to change to sublimated uniforms beginning in 2022. The new uniforms will be substantially more colorful and better quality than our current version.
E. CSSA Video Library was published on January 5th on CSSA’s new YouTube channel. Links and instructions have been posted on TeamPages. Videos for pre-game warmups and stretches will be posted and announced prior to opening day of 2022 season.
F. The Board approved the establishment two new voting positions on the Board of Directors: Special Projects Director is Ray DeLuca and a second Player Rep for Tuesday/Thursday nights will be James Bauch.
G. Tom Cameron is the Board’s CSSA honoree for the CRPA Volunteer of the Year Award for his extraordinary contributions to our organization through the Charity Golf Tournament and much more. Members of the board will be present at the CRPA banquet to honor him.
H. CSSA needs scorekeepers and umpires for the 2022 season. Dick O’Connor reported that he is in the process of securing commitments for the required umpires. Misty Diehl will be added as a scorekeeper trainee, and Anne Ryan will also be a scorekeeper. Additional scorekeepers are needed. The Board approved an increase for scorekeeper pay to $25.00 per game. Previous scorekeeper pay was $20.00 per game.
I. Sponsors: A great deal of hard work went into securing a dedicated group of sponsors for the CSSA. Sponsor longevity benefits the league in many ways; the board discussed ways to increase the benefits of being a sponsor, including popup or semi-permanent banners at Hobgood Park (depending on what is permitted by the facility) with sponsor names, logos, and QR codes for their websites and menus to increase sponsor exposure and patronage. A decision will be made at the next meeting regarding if and how this should be implemented. Sponsor listings on TeamPages will be updated prior to start of season.
J. New Player Orientation Packets: This will be an information packet to be distributed to all new players at Evaluations February 19, 20, 26 and 27. Norm, Stacie and Maria will develop it, including What Happens after Evals, Approved Bat Information, How to Access and Use TeamPages (for stats, schedules, updates, rosters, videos, etc.) and Quirky Rules and Common Mistakes. The Board approved.
K. Rules Update: The Rules Committee will be updating the Rules of Play for approval by the BOD and posting on TeamPages by the 2022 season start, if possible.
The meeting adjourned at 9:05 P.M.
The next BOD meeting will be Monday, February 7, 2022, at Ralphs Tavern, Kennesaw.


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