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CSSA Board of Directors Meeting
January 6, 2020
Present: Andy Tubbs, Randy Bergman, Robbie Crider, Bob Hammond, Leland Brown, Norm Theim, Dewey Hom, Jack Delaney, John Humeston, Bob Werner, Brad Tafoya, Dick O’Connor, Donnie Adams
Absent: Ray DeLuca
Meeting called to order by Norm Thiem at 6:30pm

Minutes from December meeting were discussed and approved

Brad Tafoya was approved to be the new Treasurer. Thank you Brad and welcome.

Treasurer report: Ending balance 2019 – $4,694.81

Passed out calendar for spring of 2020

New business:
• Tryouts for spring season will held on February 8th and 9th and February 15th and 16th . They will be held at Hobgood Park in Woodstock. Time will be 12 -2 all days.
• The proposed 2020 financial was presented:
• Raise player fees from $45 to $50. Voted on and approved.
• Umpire fees – Reduce to $48 from $50. Voted on and approved.
• Eliminate AM scorekeepers premium. Voted on and approved.
• Banquet fee will remain the same at $20. Approved.
• Skip Wells League – it was discussed about moving league to Dillinger field in Cartersville because of the higher fees being charged by Cobb County to use Skip Wells. Robbie Crider is going to poll players and we will vote on this via email this week.
• Administrative fees – Anne has proposed going to a monthly fee instead of a hourly pay which we use presently. Norm will discuss with Anne on her present duties and come up with a plan that works for both parties.
• 25th Anniversay hats – we still have some left and are available for $10.
• Proposed to keep the starting age for the league at 49. Voted on and approved.
• Sponsors – we are expecting to lose between 5-8 present sponsors. We could use some help in finding some new sponsors. Sponsors are a vital part of our league. Sponsor fees will remain the same. $350 and this includes the spring and fall seasons.
• There will be a rules meeting on January 20th at Gameday. Meeting will start at 6:30pm. Anyone from CSSA is welcome to attend.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm


2020-01-13T06:13:10.000-08:00January 13 2020, at 06:13 AM PST, Harry Mason said:

You should determine where players are coming from to play at Skip Wells. Whatever is saved in the cost of the field in Cartersville may be less than the cost in time and gas for players to drive there.