Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association on Jan 10 2022 at 09:33AM PST

Softball players and enthusiasts understand the importance of a defensive shortstop. Dan Bonham provides that strength and ability to stop those balls hit up the middle, so much so that the Cherokee Senior Softball Association (CSSA) awarded him the co-MVP for leading his team, Long Tire, to the Spring Championship of the Legends Gold League. He also takes part in two additional leagues each week.
He’s only been in the CSSA for four years, but has quickly garnered respect and recognition. He came to softball late in his sports career. He started in Little League baseball, followed by many seasons in regional baseball organizations. Most recently, he participated in an Atlanta metropolitan men’s league.
He grew up moving about the country as a military brat, but it was a stop in Papillon, Nebraska, where he experienced his most memorable moment in sports. In high school, he hadn’t shifted to a full-time shortstop yet. As a pitcher, the right-hander used his accurate and hard-throwing arm to strike out eighteen batters in a game.
However, if you ask Dan to recall his greatest achievement, he will promptly reply it was the day he threw out Dewey Hom at first. As we referenced in a previous story, Dewey is a senior Olympic sprinter, so getting him out on a ground ball is never routine. Dan’s comment displays his light-hearted approach to life and the game he loves.
He was a long-time fan of the Cincinnati Reds and, in particular, Pete Rose. Dan and his family settled in Georgia about twenty-three years ago, where he eventually converted his baseball allegiance to the Atlanta Braves.
Dan acknowledges he could never have devoted as much time to his athletics avocations if not for the patience and support of Camille, his wife of over thirty years.
When Dan’s not on the field, he is often a spectator of the senior softball games at Hobgood Park. The caliber of play from players far into their eighties constantly amazes him, and he hopes good fortune will allow him to compete and have fun for many more years.
The immortal words of Yogi Berra guide him through his daily softball life. “Ninety percent of baseball is half-mental, while the other half is physical.”

Written by Marty Aftewicz